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About Us

We're a new coffee brand as of 2022. Founded in Chicago, we're a group of friends looking to spend more time doing what we love - drinking coffee & running further. 

Marathon in the City

Our Story

Long Run Coffee is coffee. But it’s more than that. 

You’re a runner. But you’re more than that.


You’re someone who daydreams about the trail and lives for adventure. You've been asked the question, “Don’t you get bored that whole time?” too many times to count. Running is your passion. Running is your personality. Running is your life. 


Training is everywhere; everything is training. Endurance athletes embrace this core philosophy and understand that it extends beyond our athletic training. This mindset leads to a rich life; one grounded by patience and wisdom.


Running is both invigorating yet promotes inner calm. It reconnects our minds to the world around us. We know that not everyone shares this understanding, but for those who do, the feeling is indescribable.


Our coffee isn’t just for the average runner. By runners, for runners, Long Run Coffee is infused with electrolytes to improve hydration, enhance performance, and improve the athletes well being. And it tastes good. 


As our passion for running has grown over the years, we’ve developed a need for more. More connection to the running community and sport we love. Long Run Coffee looks to grow and strengthen the underappreciated distance running community through common interest and passion. Something else runners have in common? An absolute love for coffee. 

We want running to play a bigger role in our lives. Our intention for starting this company is to spend more time involved with what we love. 

Simply not interested in the bottom line, we are motivated by our sport and its community. We know you’re the same kind of person. You might even say we’re brewed from the same grounds. If you want to be a part of our brand, please reach out and connect with us on social media.


“We only expect to succeed in things that we truly understand.”

We understand coffee. We understand running.

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