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Long Run Coffee Community Program

Long Run Coffee is committed to identity mindset. Being an athlete is more than finishing that run or doing an extra set. It's who you are.


The Long Run Coffee Community is a place to explore and strengthen your relationship with sport, while meeting others who feel the same.

LRC Community Program


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  • A passion for our coffee and brand values

  • Enthusiasm for an active lifestyle and the benefits of community

  • Provide 3-5 pieces of content per month(photos or videos). You don’t have to post all of these to your account but you should be comfortable with us posting them to ours. 

  • Share LRC’s key posts to your account (new products, giveaways, etc. - don’t worry, we’ll tell you which ones are key posts!)

  • Post your unique/individual LRC branded content at least once a month (in addition to sharing the LRC key posts)



  • Community - A group of people to connect with for motivation, celebration, commiseration, and everything in between. We’d also be happy to connect you with any of our brand partners if you’re interested.

  • Coffee - You’ll get one free 16 oz bag of coffee each month. You can also purchase as much coffee as you’d like at cost! Who doesn’t love free coffee?

  • Gear - we’ll give you a new Long Run Coffee hat to help you represent your new team! In the future we’ll give you free or discounted merch for anything new we release!

  • Recognition - We’ll give tagged credit for any of your content that we post on our social media pages or website.

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